Driveway Gates Installation And Cost

Driveway Gates Installation


In general, if you have enough space we recommend using a slide gate for your driveway. Overall, considering reliability and safety, we believe it is the best option:

Wear and tear – a slide gate has a better weight distribution than other types of gates, therefore it is more reliable.

Safety – as far as safety goes, it is easier to protect your vehicles and loved ones using safety devices if you have a slide gate, because it is moving in one straight line. A swing gate, for example, has “dead zones” which are harder to cover using safety devices.

If you do not have enough space for a standard slide gate, you can use a swing gate, overhead gate, or is some cases a retractable slide gate. A retractable slide gate is a slide gate divided into two pieces, and requires about half the opening size to open into.

Most gate operators are equipped with a built-in reverse sensor. This sensor stops/reverses the gate when it hits an obstacle.

If your gate is installed in a commercial property (residential buildings with more than four units are also considered a commercial property), you are required to have at least two safety devices installed (UL-325 industry standard).

Even though you don’t have to, we recommend having an additional safety device installed, to completely prevent contact.

Your Driveway Gates operator might already have the reverse sensor, but before it will reverse it will possibly cause damage to your vehicle. For a relatively small investment you can prevent this from happening.


Typical Cost

  • A driveway gate costs $1,400-$3,200; powering it to open by remote control costs an additional $550-$4,500 — bringing total costs to $1,950-$7,700.
  • Single-panel iron, steel and Wood Gates Cost $1,400-$2,100. Cost depends on the size of the gate and its style. For example, a 12-foot wrought-iron gate  from Amazing Gates costs about $1,600; a 12-foot steel panel gate  at Lowe’s costs about $1,800. Single-panel gates can be automated either to swing open or to slide open.
  • Dual-panel iron, steel and wood gates cost $1,800-$3,200. Dual-panel gates can be automated either to swing open from the middle, or for both panels to slide open. Cost varies by size and style of the gate: a simple 12-foot dual-panel gate at Home Depot about $2,100, and a custom-sized Wooden Driveway Gates  costs $2,900-$3,200.

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